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Little People in Porcelain


A very talented Jenny has

beautifully embroidered

this exquisite pincushion

Pat has knitted

Anna Magdalena

in red.

She is stunning

Royal Melbourne Show 2013

Best Dressed Doll

(in Dazzle pattern)

Congratulations Phyllis

we are proud of you

Pam has made a

special birthday

gift for a special


Just beautiful

A delightful  corps de ballet  by the

lovely Lynita

Rose-Marie has been busy. She has beautifully painted her dolls

and made their outfits

They look great

A delightful collection of dolls has been beautifully made by June

Really lovely

Charlotte has knitted a lovely skirt for Isabella and

has also made her bears these beautiful capes

using the pattern for the three pendants

The Hardanger Angel,

skilfully embroidered by Kate,

will add a lovely personal touch to the

Christmas tree

Bronwin has chosen to

knit Valerie's outfit in red

she looks spectacular

Mavis has beautifully dressed

Demelza in Anna Magdelena

style gown. Fantastic

Hardanger skirt for Clementine

She looks great. You have done well, Eunice

A gathering of lovely ladies in their beaded skirts

Beautifully knitted by Sheila

A lovely lineup of young ladies and dog.

A big thanks to Jenny for her beautiful knitting and expertise

Elaine has smocked and embroidered this lovely silk dress. Her doll is holding a tiny book and a piece of organza with bullion roses and shadow work bow.

Such a beautiful cover for her box of worked embroidery accessories. Magnificent!

Margaret has beautifully decorated these emu and ostrich eggs

as skirts for her half dolls. Most attractive

Wendy's grand daughter is in for a

lovely surprise when she returns from

ballet school. She Looks exquisite

A group of lovely ladies that Lyn has exhibited in her local show over a few years.

Congrtulations, you have done well.

A couple of bridal horseshoes beautifully knitted by Dawn

What a wonderful momento of that special day

One of Vyv's many mermaids for whitch she has knitted their tails and also collected shells and pieces of coral from the beach

near her home. She looks lovely. And something different with Frieda's outfit. Wow.

Dot's first bead knitted skirt. Lovely. You have done well. I look forward to seeing your next one.

A lovely wedding gift for Tracey and Carl. Beautifully knitted by Robyn and suitably displayed on a very nice timber stand.

Just so special.